Modern Antique Minimalized

Modern Antique Minimalized
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Antique vs Vintage
Antique furniture includes pieces from an earlier period. It is often crafted out of wood and its age, condition, unique features and rarity determine how collectible the piece is and therefore, how high its value. Genuine antiques are, by definition, at least 100 years old and often have to be purchased from experienced dealers to guarantee authenticity.

Vintage furniture on the other hand is between twenty and one hundred years old and is easily recognisable as belonging to a particular period within that time. Once you know what you’re looking for, spotting it is easier than it sounds!

What is antique furniture?

If you’re an antique furniture fan, be prepared to invest both time and money into your furniture hunt. In return, you’ll wind up with unique and beautiful furniture which is also likely to have a good resale value further down the track.

When you’re buying, unless you’re very knowledgeable, it’s best to shop from experienced dealers. You will pay more, but you will also benefit from their expertise and they should be able to give you a full history of the furniture pieces that you buy. Antique furniture is at least 100 years old, and because of their age, antiques are by nature collectible. When you’re buying Antique furniture you need to examine and be aware of:

Age & Provenance – you should be able to get a clear confirmation of at least the approximate age of the piece, what is even better is if you can establish where the item has been through its life – who purchased it, where it was used, any other details that may add to its value.

Rarity – Here, go with your gut. If the piece is more common, it might be less valuable. However, if it’s something you love and want in your collection, don’t let this factor stop you.

Condition – Don’t necessarily dismiss furniture in less than perfect condition – it might be ripe for restoration.

Special or Unique Features- Sometimes an imperfection may actually prove to be a valuable value add.

Smaller household items such as a lamp, table clock or mirror can also be bought as antiques and this can be an excellent way to begin buying. Given the age of the furniture, you may not be able to find antique items that suit all of your needs perfectly – for example storage units and entertainment units pose a particular problem. Be prepared to re-purpose items and be imaginative with their uses.

Upholstered antique items can pose a challenge. Sofas, couches and bed mattresses will probably need to be either replaced or reupholstered before introducing them to a family home. When you’re looking to reupholster an item, take the time to find the right fabric and the right upholsterer. They need to be experienced in dealing with antique furniture and equipped to use the right materials which may mean brass tacks or studs, without damaging the frame.

What is vintage furniture?

Vintage furniture isn’t just ‘old’ furniture- it’s actually representative as being from a specific style or era. Mid-Century Modern is a popular and commonly seen example, being the ‘best’ from the mid-Century era. There is great variety to choose which will suit all budgets from high-end Danish or Scandinavian designs to local pieces that you find in special second hand stores. There is a lot of Australian made Vintage furniture available- it’s very easy to find a table, a coffee table, a couch or sofa in great condition for a reasonable price. Shop around and you’ll find great Vintage finishing touches to finish the décor in your home – a mirror, lamp or great clock will really tie your look together.

Vintage furniture pis also popular because it tends to be more affordable than antique or retro furniture. The Vintage style is perfect for mixing and matching and knitting together seemingly disparate furniture pieces and achieving an individual and creative look, injecting personality into your rooms.

You might be lucky & find vintage furniture pieces that have been in storage or have hardly been used and are in excellent condition, plus it’s a great way of reducing the carbon footprint of your new furniture purchases.